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If you have the time and space, I advise you to choose The Ripple BASIC or EXTRA. We simply have more time to get to know each other and to ensure that you go into labor with confidence. However, if, for whatever reason, you only start a doula program at a later time, you can choose this package from week 37. You can then expect the following. 

Two appointments

We have two appointments of about 2 to 2.5 hours where I come to you. During these appointments, we look at what you need to go into labor with confidence and trust. I will give you hands-on tools to ensure that you remain relaxed during the delivery. In addition, I help you create your birth plan.

I'm there for you, before and during the delivery

From week 38 I am on standby; you can call me 24/7 when you need my support and when labor starts. Throughout the delivery, I will stay with you and support you in the way we discussed together and that feels right for you (and your partner).

after care

A few days after the birth I will come (of course, if desired) for a maternity visit to see how you and your baby are doing. A few weeks after the delivery we meet again to discuss the delivery. This can help you to 'process' the labour; sharing your unique experience and  how you felt during childbirth determines the time afterwards. 


𖥸 Non-binding and free introduction meeting
𖥸 2 appointments of about 2 hours

𖥸 From week 38 I will be on standby and you can call me as soon as the delivery has started

𖥸 I will stay with you throughout the delivery and until the peace has returned

𖥸 After a few days, I will come to a maternity visit to see how you and your baby are doing

𖥸 A few weeks after the delivery I will come by to discuss the delivery together

𖥸 During the entire process you can always reach me by mail and WhatsApp, and phone


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